By encapsulating viruses or nucleic acids, Vesselon can make systemic injections of these groundbreaking technologies practical, thereby avoiding invasive and impractical direct intratumoral injections.

Vascular Encapsulation


We use our FDA-approved lipid microspheres as an intravascular shield either to protect our drug from the body’s normal immune system, or to protect the body’s normal tissue from the drug.

This enables our proprietary microsphere-drug conjugates to have a simple intravenous administration without expensive and lengthy chemical modifications.

Sonication Targeting


Using readily available diagnostic ultrasound systems, the tumors are sonicated for a matter of minutes while the microsphere-drug conjugates are in circulation.  Each pass through the intertwined, leaky tumor vessels will both release and amplify the drug into the interstitial space adjacent to cancer cells so that the therapeutic agent can get to work.


Protection in Circulation for Safer Drug Delivery

Immunotherapy drugs en route to a tumor will either cause toxicity to other tissues or will be attacked by the body’s immune system to prevent the drug from getting there. Vesselon drug delivery platform cloaks the drug to make sure it gets it to its intended destination.

Affinity for Tumors

We target tumors without changing the drug. Others seek to add modifying agents to molecules to get new drugs to target tumors. This requires extensive, iterative testing for activity and multiple clinical trials to prove safety and efficacy, resulting in significant capital investments over extended time periods.


Tumor Biodistribution

Once a systemic drug passes by a tumor, it doesn’t guarantee it gets INTO the tumor.  Vesselon’s technology enhances permeability and counters interstitial pressure only at the tumor so that more drug gets into the tumor microenvironment to get the job done.

Immuno-modulating drugs do not follow the typical chemical distribution properties of chemotherapy agents. Immune reactions in off target tissues can wreak havoc on the patient. But small doses delivered directly into the tumor may have profound effects on shrinking and even eliminating tumors. Our technology allows a higher % of injected dose to get into the tumor so that toxicity can be reduced and efficacy enhanced.

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